New Year, Time To Start Writing Again!

Well it’s been awhile, I’ve been a bit busy and a bit complacent really. But hey, it’s a new year and time to start getting back into writing. Not only do I enjoy it but it also gives me a temporary escape from the everyday craziness of looking after two little boys- who are now 3.5 and 2 years old!

My boys are no longer babies, they are little people with BIG personalities, especially the youngest. He is my wild child! He has such a fabulous personality but my god he makes his presence known…he has taken to putting me on the naughty step! Needless to say the naughty step is a joke in our house and simply does not work, I shall be writing personally to super nanny to express my outrage about this.

As well as physically getting bigger, his personality is also getting bigger. He’s such a loving little boy but he is very much the baby and he loves his position in the family. He knows his own mind and is stubborn as a mule. And my god the tantrums, 20 minutes of tears (mine!) to put on a nappy this morning….

My eldest on the other hand now cottons on to everything and he’s like an elephant, he literally never forgets, much to my dismay. He somehow always manages to catch me secret eating in the kitchen cupboards. He’s like a ninja, sneaks up behind me and asks “what you eating, why you eating chocolate?”

“Eh nothing, just having a drink”

”I can smell chocolate” <calls to little brother> “H, mummy is eating chocolate” …little brother runs though and starts screaming for chocolate. At this point I give in and reluctantly give them a small piece which is demolished in seconds and I’m met with a chorus of “more” like he seagull  scene out of finding Nemo. They persistence is relentless, and I am weak of course!

The two of them have now joined forces, much to our horror, and team up on us at every opportunity. They have learnt that twoconstant requests for “more biscuits” is much harder to ignore than one whining voice.

Together  they are a force not to be reckoned with. They fight with each other day and night but as soon as mummy says no or threatens bedtime – they morph into a tag team of wrestlers, spurring each other on in their war against me.

So are you can see not much has has changed really, we are still swimming through treacle and learning each day. The only difference is they are smarter and physically stronger now, I fear it is a slippery slope for us as parents!!


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