The 5.20am Wake Up

IMG_1578Before the boys came along I deemed anytime before 7.30am to be an early start. I used to dread setting my alarm so early to get up for work. Now that the boys are here, I would give anything to lie in beyond 6am! My eldest’s internal alarm clock seems permanently set for 5.20am, on the dot, no matter what we do!

We have tried to “reset” him but nothing works. He went to bed at 9pm last Saturday, we got all excited thinking we would be guaranteed a lie in. But nope, 5.20am like clockwork he appeared at my bedroom door. I nearly wept before promptly running for the bathroom following my rather indulgent afternoon drinking at his birthday party. Hangover + tiredness + 2 toddlers = not a fun day ahead

The most frustrating thing about my eldest rising so early is that he always manages to wake his little brother. The two of them proceed to bound about the place like two excited puppies. They charge off to the kitchen shrieking “milk and banana” at me whilst I lie in bed trying to muster the energy to get up.

My morning routine consists of opening 2 bananas, filling two beakers of milk and shoving a Nespresso capsule in the machine before turning on the TV for them. It is worth pointing out that even the “t t” knows it is too early to get up as I’m often met with a holding screen informing me that Milkshake will be back at 6am. Great, some form of child entertainment is required by me at this time in the morning!

I long for the day they are old enough to take themselves down stairs, sort out their own drink and turn the TV on for a little while. I’ve asked parents with older children when this happens and I’m often told around school age. This is the last thing I want to hear.

One of the major downsides to such an early start is that it feels like the day is lasting forever! Firstly you often end up hungrier because you have been up since the middle the night and secondly, timings get all muddled up. 10am ends up lunchtime with an early dinner at 4pm!

However there is one massive benefit to getting up so early, I get so much more done in my day. For example a couple of Saturdays ago, the eldest and I went for a hair cut, did a supermarket shop, went to the bank and did a charity shop run all by 9.45am!!!

One genuine fear I have, is that after the years of early starts, my body clock will naturally change and I’ll be stuck a permanent early riser myself whilst my two will snore away in their beds until midday. If this happens then I will time my revenge well – with 7am hoovering outside their bedroom doors. You have been warned boys!


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