The Favourite Parent

This is an ongoing joke in our household, just who is the favourite parent. When our first was born his mummy was very much the centre of his world, which makes perfect sense as I not only grew him but also sacrified my stomach for him! My poor husband was often left feeling a bit like a spare part when our baby demanded that only his mummy could feed him, change him, put him to bed etc.

However this all changed when he turned 1, mummy was dumped overnight in favour of fun daddy who was the best at playing! Now I’ll admit playing is certainly one of my parenting weakness, I lack the imagination and frankly find it a little dull. My husband on the other hand loves playing, in fact he likes nothing better than to play fight and rile the boys to the point they become sweaty, overtired little messes. I am then summoned as play fighting turns into real fighting with two toddlers using teeth and nails as their chosen weapons.

Interestingly my littlest is still very much a “mummy’s boy” and often only mummy will do. Now there are pros and cons to this. The obvious and best pro being that I get all the cuddles and kisses from both boys. The downside is I am deemed the “best” bum wiper – lucky me!

After some reflection I’ve come to realise that both my husband and are favourites but in different departments and this works well. I’m sure the boys will come to us for different needs as they grow.

But for now I’ll continue to think (and secretly know) that I’m the favourite… 😉


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