Terrible 2s, more like Awful 3s!

Everyone warned me about the “terrible 2s.” It’s a well known milestone in the non-existent parenting manual which my eldest  should have come with. I fully expected the tantrums when my boy turned 2, although I was also dreading them. So imagine my surprise when my lovely boy continued to be, well, lovely!

Yes there was the odd meltdown but it never last long and was never in public. When a tantrum situation presented itself then I was able to deal with it swiftly and confidently. I was so relieved and probably a little smug that we had sailed through this turbulent toddler stage.

Fast forward to 3 weeks before his 3rd birthday and I am no longer feeling smug, in fact I am panicking because my lovely little boy (whilst still lovely in many ways) has had a complete personality transplant. Overnight.

He is still a fun, adventurous and inquisitive boy but there is now a sensitivity to him that wasn’t there before. In fact some days he resembles what I was like as a hormonal teenager! The tears, omg  the tears! If I look at him the wrong way he burts into tears.

I can’t tell him off, tears. I can’t say “no”, tears. I offer to take him swimming (his favourite thing), more tears. I can’t win!

The other morning I asked what he wanted for breakfast, “bread and jam” came the reply.

Me: “bread and jam, are you sure?”

Him: “yes, bread and jam”

Ok fine, so I make him the bread and jam and hand him the plate.

“I wanted bran flakes” he wails and throws the plate at me.

Now I’m pretty mad at the outburst and the mess but I decide to “pick my battles”(I hate this phrase, I’m in constant battle with my child! He’s as stubborn as a mule). Anyway I clean up the mess and make him bran flakes. I put the cereal down in front of him to be met with, “I want porridge,” before bursting into tears.

At this point I realise that a) I can never win and b) FML. I calmly walk out of the kitchen, walk into my bedroom and SLAM the door shut. It’s time for me to have my own tantrum!

20minutes later I decide to venture out, only to find my husband and the 2 boys calmly and happily eating breakfast together. They are laughing and chatting away whilst listening to music. And guess what the eldest was eating, bloody bread and jam which was “yum” apparently!

I give up, the next year should be fun 🙂



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  1. I found the same type of thing! It was mostly in the threes and then when he started kindergarten ( so, four ) he changed drastically!


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