“To Infinity and Beyond”


To say my two are obsessed with Toy Story (1, 2 & 3!) would be an understatement, it’s all they want to watch, talk about and play with. Pre children I used to really like Toy Story. We went to the cinema to see each film and would quite happily sometimes watch the original one at home. Fast forward 3 years and I HATE Toy Story with a passion.

We can now recite each film, pretty much word for word. I have to spend my time pretending to be Little Bo Peep or Pork Chop (I get all the glamorous roles!) Max, being a leader, has naturally taken on the role of Woody whilst Harry has happily transformed into a flying (off the sofa!) Buzz.

This obsession has spilled over into bedroom decor and a whole host of Toy Story toys and paraphernalia. For Max’s last birthday he got the best gift, the Disney Woody doll which has over 30 sayings (yes really, that bloody pullstring!) Naturally this Toy led to many, many, many fights with Harry desperate to have him.

Now if anyone else owns this Toy then you will know just how sore it is to be hit in the face with his woodpecker nose, or whacked in the arm with his plastic cowboys boots. Needless to say little Harry can’t have such a dangerous weapon (which is probably half the reason he wanted it in the first place, as a defence against his big brother).

Anyway the endless fights over this toy led us swiftly to the Disney shop in search of a suitable alternative for the little one. We quickly spotted a soft toy version, 1/4 of the price and specifically for babies. Perfect! Or so we thought as we lovingly presented him to Harry who stretched out his little arms to grab his new toy.

However instead of cuddling it, he quickly turned it over in search of the pullstring. As he grasped at the drawn on string, he quickly realised that this sub standard toy was NOT the same as his big brother’s. Before we knew it soft toy Woody was launched out of his arms (and at our heads) and thrown on the ground. Never to be played with again.

Needless to say we learnt a parenting lesson that day, kids aren’t stupid!





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