The Art (aka stress!) of Napping Small Children

I’m sure many parents agree that one of the worst bits of parenthood is trying to get little children to nap. Yesterday was one of those days, a fun-filled day of looking after two sleep deprived, nap refusing, little people. The nap rejection is something that I just don’t understand, they’re tired (I’m tired), yet they just won’t nap.

I, on the other hand, would LOVE to go back to my bed for a mid day snooze. I’m sometimes jealous of little Harry and his 2 hour siesta. It’s a habit I would happily re-instate myself if I could…

Our day began at 4.30am with poor Harry peeing through his nappy and all over the bed. After a quick change and a rock back to sleep, I’m woken at 5am to poor Max throwing up in his bed. Oh joy! Everyone loves to tell me that I will look back fondly  on the toddler/baby days, that I will miss them. Somehow I don’t think I will miss changing pee filled sheets, or bathing a vomit encrusted toddler at 5am! This part of having small children is definitely the sucky part.

Due to the early start both boys are seriously flagging by 9am (practically mid day according to our body clocks), so I bundle them into the car for a drive in the hope that they both drift off. A tandem nap, the ultimate dream when you have two little children. Sadly I’ve only managed to achieve it approximately three times since Harry came along .

Typically as we arrive at our destination, Max is wide awake and Harry is just drifting off. Nap fail number 1. After Harry’s 30 second power nap he is fully recharged and ready to go, racing round our friend’s house like a lunatic.

An hour later and both boys are yawning, so striking whilst the iron is hot, I get them in the car again and decide to go the long way to the supermarket. 30 minutes later I pull up, look behind me to find Max snoring away and Harry wide awake. Nap fail number 2. Harry starts to get annoyed being stuck in the car so reluctantly I wake poor Max and drag them both round the shops.

We finally get home and I now have two very gurny, weepy and clingy children. They are over tired messes and by this point I am too. Harry follows me round screaming like some sort of wild animal, nothing I do makes him happy. Max is rubbing his eyes like mad and getting annoyed at Harry’s wailing. At this point I realise that there are 3 whole hours until bedtime and with this realisation I could quite easily start a tantrum of my own…

Then the doorbell rings, both boys run to answer the door to their Nana and suddenly the misery is gone and in its place two little angels! At this point I say a silent ‘thank god for grandparents’ prayer and go for a lie down…

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  1. Now that is was I call stressful, thanks for bringing back those happy days of my daughters! Thank goodness they now 35 and 37. Look on the bright side only a few years to wait 😉 seriously though I know I keep going on about the mood light cool mist humidifier but after researching lots a great deal of mum said it helped settle down their children. Failing that call Grandma 👵

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