Wrestle Maniacs!

Well, it has been awhile since my last post as my time has become even more limited now that I have a 2.5 year old and a 13 month old. Strangely enough I look back on the newborn/toddler stage and think how easy it was (I’ve clearly blocked A LOT of the trauma out). I now have two toddlers, that’s right, TWO (what was I thinking, clearly I wasn’t…) and it is double the stress, and double the mess!

My lovely little baby has been replaced by a wild, feral creature. He’s still lovely but he’s a tantrum throwing diva who spends his time using his head as some sort of weapon of defence/attack against his big brother. I can’t leave them alone at all because otherwise they wrestle constantly (much to their father’s delight).

My lounge resembles a scene straight out of WWE, with Max using the sofa as a ring rope to launch himself off. And what smart arse thought to give them a plastic Buzz Lightyear (their father, again)! He’s become the weapon of choice in their “Hell in a Cell” match.

There’s no staged wrestling in this household. Sadly the tears, sweat and blood are very real, much to my horror! Do girls behave like this? Genuine question, or are little boys just completely crazy?

According to my husband this behaviour is completely normal and to be expected. Apparently a fight to the death for the “champion belt,” aka favourite toy,is worth the pain…I’ll take his word on that one.

I think the worst is yet to come though, the day they decide to “tag team” against us, then we are really screwed. I had a small taster of it today when they both climbed on top of me, one ripped my hair out whilst the other bit the crap out of me (the baby)! I thought it was meant to get easier as they got older, evidently not.

In the meantime I will resume my role of referee  and scream like a banshee to “get off each other NOW” – much to my neighbours’ delight I’m sure!



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  1. Oh my!! And I thought 2 girls 2 years apart were hard! Bless your heart!!
    Personally, I think little boys are just crazy. But that’s just me. 😉
    Thank you so much for taking some of your limited free time to follow me!
    ARe you totally bald?? did you get cat scratch fever from all the bites??

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  2. (much to their father’s delight)

    I taught my kids the Flying Power Body Splash. That was thirty years ago and they still use it on each other – despite how much their spouses and children object.

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