The impossible task of writing whilst a toddler jumps on your head and manages to rip your earring out…

It’s been a busy week with the baby’s first holiday! Both boys behaved really well which has given us confidence to take them away again, still not sure I’m ready to get on a plane though…

Anyway they were kind enough to treat us to a rare synchronised nap which gave us 20minutes of peace, literally the only 20minutes we had to ourselves for the whole 48hours we were away!

Toasting to our survival

I realised when away that a lot of people assume we have twins due to the double buggy. Cue lots of nods, smiles and peers in the stroller…the other week one lady kept asking if they were twins whilst cooing over them. I wasn’t quite sure how to react (I didn’t really want to point out the obvious!) – “eh no, the massive one is nearly 2 and the tiny one is only 5 months.” 🙄 She looked pretty disappointed haha.

I’ve been trying to find some time to relax (hollow laugh), part of that involves the running club I’ve joined which I’m really enjoying. We did interval training last night and whilst I felt like puking my guts up at the time, I’m already feeling better for it today.

It was raining last night and my husband assumed I wouldn’t go but I practically ran out the door as the baby screamed the house down, I don’t even think I said goodbye to any of them 😂

I got in the bath the other day and was quickly joined by a bloody fly away football and a half eaten Jacobs cracker – both of which were launched at my head whilst I lay there relaxing. Nothing worse than a soggy, disintegrating cracker floating round your Chanel No5 bubble bath (a present I’ve managed to use sparingly since Christmas!). I miss my child free baths!

Lesson learnt – lock the bloody door next time 


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