Jaffa Tuesday

Well somehow it’s Tuesday again which can only mean one thing – nursery for the toddler!! I would love to say that I spend my Tuesdays catching up with house work and waltzing off to baby massage but in reality we sit in our pjs all day, scoffing Jaffa cakes (me, not him!) whilst watching Gossip Girls (after finally getting through 6 seasons of Pretty Little Liars. Now that took some serious commitment and probably 100hours of my life).

Jaffa Tuesday

The baby is currently taking his epic afternoon nap which means I get some time to myself. It’s a bit of a novelty the 2hr nap as the toddler never napped for more than 30minutes at that age. I remember trekking the streets with the pram for hours each day for him to sleep for only 20 bloody minutes.  I should have been a rake the amount I was walking each day but nope, still had to go on a post baby diet.
I took them to the park yesterday thinking the baby would sleep (after screaming so hard he vomited all over himself) and the toddler would get a good run about. But alas it wasn’t to be as both of them promptly fell asleep as soon as I arrived at the park – are you kidding me toddler, you never bloody nap!!!!


Rare toddler nap in action

Anyway this resulted in me once again trekking the streets for 2hrs but this time with a  double buggy which I calculated must weigh 5.5 stone all in. Again, how am I not a stick insect (she says whilst eating another jaffa cake)?!

I broke in my new Asics last night and managed my first run in probably 18mths, 3k and it took me 23minutes (mortified) but at least I did it. The plan is to join a running club tomorrow evening and to start getting back into it again.

Someone suggested I run with the double buggy, are they insane? My children weigh a frigging tonne! Plus I can barely push the thing in a straight line, let alone run with it down a busy street. We are as wide as the backend of a bus and the amount of times I’ve steered them  into a lamp post, or even worse, into someone else…

We’ve bought the toddler a 4 in 1 trike for his birthday in the (possibly naive) hope he prefers to peddle himself about. We shall see how that goes…🙄😁


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