Bear slide, baking & a public meltdown

We are definitely at the stage where I can’t take my eyes off the toddler for 5 seconds, otherwise “bear slide” is quickly set up…or “sofa slide, chair slide” – you can see where this is going! My smug days of having a non climbing toddler are long gone. I can no longer bend over in any direction for genuine fear of being jumped on with delighted shouts of “neigh neigh” – eh thanks son!

Bear slide in action

Meanwhile the baby has discovered his voice and has fondly taken to impersonating a random creature which sounds something like a seal fighting a puppy. 

Seal pup impression 

We have started to fill our days with baking and trying to cook more from scratch (weight loss for me and mummy guilt for all the biscuits). Thanks to my mum, I now have an array of baking utensils after I embarrassed her by using a mug to measure out a “cup” and an actual teaspoon for a “teaspoon”- apparently this is not the correct way to bake.

Oh and don’t get her started on the pan instead of a baking bowl 🙊

Yesterday was a challenging day as I witnessed the toddler’s first proper public meltdown. Full on screaming, flailing limbs and rolling on the ground (probably in or near dog crap as we were in the park!). I actually thought these type of tantrums were myths, yup I was very wrong. 

I felt rather helpless during the whole episode as nothing I said or did made him calm down. In the end I had to rid out the storm and try not give a crap what any passers by  thought (a lot harder than it looks!).

In end the end a kind dog walker took pity on me and distracted the screaming mess that was my child, by showing him his little dog. The toddler doesn’t like dogs so promptly stopped crying, got up off the ground and practically lept into my arms…

All the while the baby snored away in the sling oblivious to the whole 20minute episode!

Anyway we are looking forward to a (nearly) child free weekend- the first in a long, long, long time so cinema and good food it is.👍

Ironically we will probably be missing them both by 9pm – parenthood is weird! 😂


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