The end of a (mini!) era

Well I haven’t written for a while, mainly because my 2 “bundles of joy” have been somewhat exhausting. In fact I think my lack of writing sums up just how bloody tiring 2 little babies really are…

Anyway I decided to start writing again as I am hoping to find a spare 10minutes every day (she says a tad optimistically whilst her toddler repeatedly whacks her on the arm and the baby squawks in her arms – fun times). Both my little ones are currently ill with croup and have lovingly passed on their germs to me so I’ve had a lot of “free time” the past 5 days…Said toddler keeps coming up and kissing me and his baby brother, constantly…and I wonder why we are all ill eh!

My almost 2 year old has most certainly hit the terrible 2’s (and I thought the baby stage was hard!) and is most certainly trying to assert his independence in every way possible. Cue screams over me making his dinner, giving him a drink, helping him with his colouring, playing with his toys…I honestly don’t know why we bother trying to help and I’ve now given up trying lol.

Littlest baby is growing by the day, can’t believe he is almost 5 months old. He’s certainly aware that he is the second child so spends his days playfully shrieking and making himself heard! How can 1 small child be so loud?!

On the plus the relationship between the 2 boys is growing by the day which is lovely to watch. Although the toddler’s favourite game is to give the baby a toy and then take it away, throwing it just out of arm’s reach whilst saying “uh oh, oh no”

Errr it’s not “oh no” if you throw it son!!

It’s fair to say that both boys are thriving and it’s certainly making the hard work worth it. So for 3 weeks only we remain “2 under 2” and I have to say that I am looking forward to the end of this stage and phrase. Apart from anything people won’t look at me like I’ve grown 2 heads when I tell them their ages….haha or maybe not ;0





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  1. My 2 under 2 had a big sister so I was 3 under 4. It gets easier over time, but also know that mothering the little ones is easier than mothering the adults. Little ones can get a kiss on the skinned knee and feel better but we need to let our adults take their own knocks and let them pick themselves up, and in many ways, that’s much harder … though less physically exhausting I have to admit. Hang in there and enjoy when you can keep your eyes open long enough to do so. 🙂 And good for you, making time for yourself, even 10 minutes at a time. It’s important.


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