1st day of freedom ;)

Well as the title says, today is my 1st (almost!) full day to myself since baby no2 came along. My husband has taken the boys to his parents for the day so I went into town to meet a friend for coffee and to do some shopping. 

We had a lovely free coffee thanks to John Lewis cardholder vouchers, always a bonus when payday is so far away in January. I wish I had some Christmas money left as there were some great bargains in the shops. I did manage to pick up some bits for the boys, some arts and crafts items for the toddler and I even treated myself (& husband) to an m&s dine in for £10 deal! Who says we aren’t lucky eh 😂

I’m now looking forward to heading home to a quiet flat, having a long bath with a much deserved glass of wine. It may only be 3pm but hey I need to make the most of these opportunities when they come as no doubt this evening will involve musical beds with the toddler. Fun times…

On a side note, how cold is it today!?! Brrrrr, not enjoying the cold weather in the slightest!!


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