An Introduction

New Year, New Me…well that’s the plan anyway. I decided to start a blog after a moan discussion with my husband in the car earlier today. Typical January blues really but I’ve decided to be proactive and to make some positive changes for 2016 and I’m hoping that blogging will save my sanity during my second dose of mat leave. Although, listening to my 4 week old on his play mat, I’m not 100% sure how much time to myself I will actually get…

And, phew – he’s just passed out cold so I may get another 5 minutes before the feed, burp, projectile vomit and poo routine begins again. And then no doubt once done, my 19 month old hurricane will come rushing in the door. Happy but somewhat exhausting times!

Anyway this blog will be about me, my boys, the scary transition from 1 to 2 babies and anything else that takes my fancy really. I’ve started my post baby weight loss diet so I may be brave and post weekly updates (we’ll see about that as I currently weigh the same as a baby elephant – sad times). My husband goes back to work tomorrow so it’s my first real day all by myself with 2 under 2 kill me now. Thankfully my oldest friend is popping in for a visit so I’m hoping she will be a wonderful distraction, although also hoping the visit won’t scar her for life seeing as she is pregnant with her first lol.

I’ll post tomorrow with some sort of caffeine fuelled update, wish me luck!!


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